Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Good food, better company

Conversation is the perfect side to any meal. Nothing beats good food and company, which is exactly what I had last Saturday. On a whim, some friends decided to make some lobster rolls.

Growing up in Boston, lobster was one of those foods that I sort of took for granted. It wasn't until I traveled a bit more around the country that I realized how hard and pricey it was to good get good lobster outside of the coast of New England. With a near continuous supply of lobsters from Maine, the quality and prices in Boston are always good.

The lobsters were quickly boiled in a large pot (the stock was used to make a salty cream soup) and shucked (the hard part). The lobster meat was then mixed simply with some mayo and a small amount of mixed greens. The rolls were lightly toasted in the broiler. The result? A nice delicious lobster roll. And hours of good conversation.

Lobster Rolls
A stack of lobster rolls waiting to be devoured

Lobster Rolls & Co
Like a hotdog, except with lobsters

Salad time
The salad app, with the lobster'ed mayo as dressing

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