Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Chopped vs Chopping Block

I've been pretty confused recently by NBC's new show 'Chopping Block'. Especially since the initial commercials made it look very similar to Food Network's 'Chopped', especially with the color schemes of the promo's. Since Chef Marco was on the 'Today Show' this morning promoting it, it just sounds like restaurant wars from 'Top Chef'. Which is sort of funny, because when 'Chopped' came out people were clamoring that it was just a low-budget version of the quick fires from Bravo's show.

I see 'Chopped' as more of a toned down version of 'Iron Chef'. And even though it is still on my DVR list, I don't think I like it too much. Quite frankly, its a bit boring and the judges seem a bit pretentious and most of the chef's feel a bit weak. Mostly because we only get the chefs for at the most 3 courses and we don't to attach ourselves to favorites like we do on 'Top Chef' or 'Hell's Kitchen' and I don't think anything will get as crazy and fun as Kitchen Stadium. What it comes down to is that I want to see better quality food. Maybe they need to let the contestants know what's in the pantry beforehand.

As for 'Chopping Block'; I guess we'll all find out tonight if it shows any potential. There is a part of me that wishes it will fail miserably, just because its trying to rip off so many things from other shows.

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