Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Potato Gnocchi: Second Attempt

My second battle with gnocchi was a major success. There are two major things that helped me along.

Instead of mashing the potatoes with a fork (to simulate a potato ricer), I used a cheese grater instead. This helped me create a really fluffy grated potato that allowed me to handle the dough a bit more than I was probably supposed to. Hopefully when I get the technique and dough/potato ratio down, using a grater will allow me to create a lighter gnocchi.

Gnocchi dough

The second thing I did was add quite a bit more flour. My original dough was a bit starchy to the mouth and didn't hold well after being frozen. Adding more flour fixed these issues. The thing about gnocchi is that it cooks fairly quickly, which allows you to slowly add flour and test your dough for the correct taste and consistency.

After sitting in the freezer for a couple of nights, I finally found the time to make myself a quick meal. The ragu I created was a little lacking, but the gnocchi tasted great. I was hoping to do a nice simple light sauce with the gnocchi, but I found myself wanting more contrasting textures. I'm thinking maybe a nutty pesto and a nice piece of fish or shellfish next time. Although Mom's braised goat was delicious, it was had a little too much bone for this dish.

Potato Gnocchi

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  1. This certainly looks good. I think pesto sounds like a great idea.