Thursday, January 22, 2009

Boi Sandwich

700 Third Avenue, 31 Lexington Avenue

I couldn't stop thinking about Banh Mi today. Things like this happen a lot. I obsess over a certain food and must have it and a lot of it. Instead of walking all the way down to visit Baogette again, I decided to drop in to Boi Sandwich which is much closer to home. Since I haven't had Banh Mi in a while, this would be a great way to compare what I had eaten the night before.

Let's start with the bread. Boi uses a section of a large baguette which makes the sandwich very bready. It's lightly warmed in the oven with the meats and pate so it doesn't have any sort of crispy crust. The pate and terrine have very subtle flavors and their addition of avocado helps with the texture. The cilantro was a little lacking, but the daikon & carrot contained just the right amount of spice. Unfortunately the bread covers up much of the flavors.

If I could, I would combine the Boi veggies with the Baogette meats and bread. That would be a perfect mix.

Also the Banh Mi was a bit expensive at $7.50 plus tax. At that price I would rather take the longer walk from my midtown apartment. Maybe next time I'll try their Pho, since those prices seemed a lot more reasonable at under $6.

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